Success Stories


Real life stories of women entrepreneurs as an Ideal whose live for society and have been recognized by SSF.

Ssevasiddhi Foundation in action, relentlessly

  • Jainnaari Directory (Jain Women Groups of Pune)
  • Support for Social NGO’s by Jain Women’s Group
  • Karma-Siddhant Documentary Film
  • Women’s Entrepreneurs Stories of Pune


Jain Women Groups of Pune

All Jain Women’s group come together  for help   15 types of social  NGO’s

  1. Medical help
  2. Education Help
  3. Anukampa Dan
  4. Blind Home
  5. Eye Donation
  6. Blood Donation
  7. Slow Learner & School for Autism ( Special Child)
  8. Handicap Children’s School
  9. Rehabilitation for Widow Women’s
  10. Old Age Home
  11. Orphanage Home
  12. Beauty without Cruelty
  13. Mission Vegiterian
  14. Godhan
  15. Nature is Future etc.

Those their intention of work to make bridge for needy people who deserve jejune help for noble cause.


Social Fest

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WOW (Wisdom Of Women) Pune

Pune’s Women Entrepreneurs has massive potential with their real story as  Wisdom  of Women . All Women Entrepreneur dedicated to herself towards humanity.

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