Ssevasiddhi 2010

First time in Jain history all sampraday ( Swetambar, Digambar, Murtipujak,Terapanth Sampraday ) of Jain community all came together on the platform of  Ssevasiddhi foundation .

We came up with a holistic approach in 21 December 2010  known as KARMA-SIDDHANT in the form of a reality show where 169 women  groups participated to create a  live documentary film .This was presented SSF’s  grand event   in the presence of  Hon. Kiran ji Bedi .We launched Jainnari Directory ,which had detailed information about all the women groups of  the jain community working towards social reforms at  21 December  2010 ,Ganesh Kala Krida Mandir,Pune

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Karma -Siddhant


Karma is energy of thoughts, words and actions. When we evaluate our self we do it at the level of words and actions.

We take care that we have spoken the perfect words in the perfect manner and behaved in the perfect way, but we do not check whether we created perfect thoughts. Most of us have mastered the art of thinking and feeling negative and yet speaking very sweetly. We always thought people can’t see what we are thinking. For eg. We can say to someone that it was wonderful meeting them and actually feel that it was the most boring evening.

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We can insist on guests to stay for dinner and actually waiting for them to leave. We thought it was good karma because we spoke and behaved right. We create about 25 to 30 thoughts per minute and speak about 4 to 5 lines per minute. When we look at the flow of energy, we have sent out 25 negative arrows as thought energy and 5 positive arrows as word energy.

Karma is the thought or the intention behind the word and the act.

People can say the sweetest words and yet hurt us with their negative energy. There are people whose words may not be very perfect, but their vibrations are full of love and compassion. Our relationships and our karmic accounts are based on the foundation of how we think and feel. So, let us clean our thoughts and feelings, so that before our words, its our perfect vibrations which reach them. The idea of karma makes people dutiful and responsible. It enables them to adapt to their living conditions and accept their lot, as it makes them aware that each person is responsible for us or our life.

We came up with a holistic approach in 21 Dec 2010 known as KARMA-SIDDHANT in the form of a reality show where 150 Women group participated to create a  live documentary film .Specially this documentary film Script, Direction and concept by Roshanii Jain.This was presented SSF’s  grand event   in the presence of  Hon. Kiran ji Bedi .SSF has also been working closely with various social and spiritual organizations for Mission World Peace

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Nature is Future

Nature is your Future  It always gives unconditionally to mankind. So it’s time to pay back so that the nature is intact for the next generation.

SSF with Mission Rally for Rivers

India’s rivers are undergoing a drastic change. Due to the pressures of population and development, our perennial rivers are becoming seasonal. Many of the smaller rivers have already vanished. Flood as well as drought are becoming increasingly frequent, as rivers turn unruly during the monsoon, and vanish once the rainy season is over.

  • 25% of India is turning into desert.
  • In 15 years, we may have only half the water we need for our survival.
  • The Ganga is one of the most endangered rivers in the world.
  • The Godavari was dry along much of its length last year.
  • The Kaveri has lost 40% of its flow. Krishna and Narmada have lost around 60%

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Pledge Your Support for Rally For Rivers

Rally for Rivers is a nationwide awareness campaign by SADHGURU (Isha Foundation) to save our rivers. It aims to garner massive public support and momentum for the government to implement a positive river policy.

Ganga, Krishna, Narmada, Kaveri – many of our great rivers are depleting fast. If we do not act now, the legacy we hand over to the next generation will be one of conflict and deprivation. These rivers nurtured and nourished us for thousands of years. It is time we nurture and nourish them back to health.

The simplest solution to rejuvenate India’s rivers is to maintain a minimum of one kilometer tree cover on riversides. Forest trees can be planted on government land and tree-based agriculture can be brought in on farm land. This will ensure our rivers are fed throughout the year by the moist soil. This will also reduce floods, drought and soil loss, and increase farmers’ incomes.

Thanks to being part of Isha Foundation. 

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Societal Reforms For Causes

SSF strongly believes in assisting every individual and people who truly deserve  help .The Foundation adopts a holistic approach while addressing key issues to ensure that we cater to any social cause.

An individual should not be kept away from any opportunities in life on the basis of  religion, caste, ethnicity, gender, and language or otherwise.

A key deliverable in this regard is to conduct activities and educate girls and women, also create opportunities for underprivileged sections of our society.

It is not enough to be compassionate we must act for our society.

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